At Fitness Flex we are proud to offer a wide range of fantastic facilities so you can get maximum enjoyment from your workout. All of our venues are different giving you great flexibility and choice. While we recommend checking out each individual venue to see exactly what's on offer, you can be guaranteed that Castlewood gym are committed to offering the latest in technology and state-of-the-art gym equipment!

Castlewood gym special guidence by physiotherapist of National level.


Designed for progressive fitness, the XCUBE is ideal for both group and one to one training. The XCUBE integrates cutting edge functional training equipment with options for traditional bodyweight exercises. Customise your XCUBE with training attachments to suit your training space and requirements.

Cardiovascular (CV) Equipment

All venues have a wide range of CV equipment so that you can work on your endurance and fitness at your own pace.

Studio Cycling

Studio cycling classes combine bursts of speed and incorporate sitting and standing intervals to give you a total body workout!

Locker Facility

The safety of our members is our highest priority and the Castlewood Gym would enable our coaches the space necessary to conduct their practices and conditioning at the highest level.

Steam Facility

Keep in mind that sweat released through your pores is actually water, so sitting in a sauna or steam room for too long can dehydrate your skin.

Massage Facility

The pressure-based motions enhance blood flow and relieve congested areas, and these pushing and pulling techniques move oxygen-rich blood from area to another, healing muscles and other tissues. Reduce muscle tension. Sore or tense muscles can cause significant discomfort, but massage can help ease this pain.


Treadmills | Cross Trainers | Rowers | Weight Room | Bench Press | Squat Rack | Hacks Squat | Weight Machines | Balance Boards | Cable Cross Over | Swiss Balls | Spinning Bike | Multy Gym | Medicine Balls | Weight Belts Yoga Props (mats, blocks, etc.) | Smith Machine | Battle Rope.